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I have a few interests, I enjoy toying around with web technologies and API integration. I also enjoy gaming when time permits, the games I play most fall under the Blizzard umbrella.

Diablo III - Reaper of Souls

This is the game most played. I enjoy the 3rd party layouts and gameplay the best, typically playing hardcore characters. Season #9 is in full swing and my character is the monk, a representation of my Aunt who passed recently from cancer. She worked in social work for the service of child protection and welfare, in the middle of the fight, battling for the betterment of others. I am currently battling in Torment X. The link is a quick view of older activity from Season #6, around Torment VII. I will try and update this soon

Web Activities

This area contains a few things I have recently worked on [new page]. It may grow as I learn more, the field and technologies are growing fast.

What about Me

We are all a little self-centered, frightened, and subconscious about how we are viewed. If you want to know a little bit of information about your presence, enter here.[new page]


Music currenly in my playlist. I like all types but my favorite is Progressive / Symphonic / Art Metal.

Dream Theater

The Astonishing

Ariana Grande

Dangerous Woman

From Ashes To New

Day One


The Deviant Heart


Tales of the Sands


Metal Resistance

Sick Puppies



Prayers for the Dammed

September Mourning

Volume II

Sum 41

13 Voices







Stitched Up Heart

Never Alone


The Great Momentum


This is me in nutshell.

  • 1990's

    High School

    Attended school in Cedar Rapids at Prairie. Graduated and moved into the second half of school, college at Iowa State

  • 1997

    College Graduation

    Graduated from College and moved into the real world, my first professional job. The job was at a startup company, working in the Maintenance department with a focus on Electrial and Information Technology

  • FEBRUARY 2002

    Expanded Professional Opportunities

    After taking continuing education classes to expand professional specifc knowledge at NIACC, I moved back to Cedar Rapids for a job in Production Support, with a larger focus in IT.

  • Present

    Production Support - Systems Administrator

    Currently working in the Production Support department. Working to maintain and expand with projects and new technology opportunities for process improvements.

  • That is

Site Team

Meet the crew.






Lead Developer

A couple other sites built and hosted are listed below. One is a more professional portfolio of my current primary job duties, or what I get paid to do.

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